By the pond

It was a pleasant evening, with the sun dipping over the horizon. Insects were buzzing and the birds chirping as they returned to their homes, settling in for the night. The horizon turned orange with purple hues, with stars flickering through the evening sky. The pond reflected rays of the setting sun along it's shimmering … Continue reading By the pond

Always and forever

Always and forever, he promised to her. Always and forever to hold her hand, keep her close. When she is lost in the forest, to guide her home. Always and forever to keep her heart warm and firm in his palms. To cradle and nourish it till it's warm and everglowing like amber. Always and … Continue reading Always and forever

Candle in the room

He sits in the room, shrouded in darkness. He sits cross legged in the centre. The room lays barren, with no wall hangings or furniture in sight. Blinds pulled down and the doors shut.  He sits facing a candle in the room, his eyes catching the gleaming aura it emits.  He watches the candle burning … Continue reading Candle in the room

Of hearts and stars

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you've known them all your life? Have you felt their touch so warm that it calms all your storms Have you ever seen them smile and felt your world lighten up Or when they laugh, Thor Almighty there couldn't have been a sight that would enthrall … Continue reading Of hearts and stars

My Wolf 

I was trotting through the wild, fog and mist surrounding the fern. Black clouds hovering above, casting shadow across the boscage. I was walking around, taking in the forest, smelling the mud, hearing the insects, seeing every minute detail in front of me. I reached a clearing and saw another wolf, curled up next to … Continue reading My Wolf 

A Palace under the Sun

He said, she said, and then there was love. -Ingeniousopinion You're my kingdom and I'll forever wear the crown and look after you. You're my queen ruling my heart, I'll bring the world to you. You're my wolf, I'll lick your wounds, nourish you, hunt those who seek to hurt you. Never to be hurt … Continue reading A Palace under the Sun

Being a Nyctophiliac

Nyctophilia (n.) love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness I’m a Nyctophiliac. Yeah…well there it goes. A big proclamation to all my friends and family members who have ever wondered why I don’t switch on Big Bright light bulbs consuming a gazillion watts of energy to illuminate our little lives as the … Continue reading Being a Nyctophiliac