One or the Other

A beautiful poem written down by Varnika Jain. Depicts how a person can become someone’s entire world and chase away the nightmares and the darkness.

Moonlighting Scrivener

She sought him in her nightmares

She sought him in her dreams

When she woke up

She could hardly tell

The one from the other

Since he saved her in her nightmares

And she lost him in her dreams

The one became the other

Somewhere in between.

So she took to sleeping with him

Held closely in her arms

The warmth that he exuded

Ended the nightly tussle

And merged the happiness

Of the one with the other.

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By the pond

It was a pleasant evening, with the sun dipping over the horizon. Insects were buzzing and the birds chirping as they returned to their homes, settling in for the night. The horizon turned orange with purple hues, with stars flickering through the evening sky.

The pond reflected rays of the setting sun along it’s shimmering surface. Besides the glistening pond stood a hut, two stories tall and adorned with french windows and bricks lined on the exterior.

He took a deep breath and slowly started pushing the bicycle his son, now four years old, was learning to ride. He urged him to feel the balance and to always keep his hands on the brakes. As he pushed, he felt his son gain balance, albeit a bit groggily. When he was certain that his son was getting the gist of it and finding his balance, he slowly let go of the grip, but still running and ready to hold the bike if the balance got disturbed. After running some distance, confident and proud that his son was finally riding on his own, he stopped and smiled wide, watching his son pedal and find his own way. Still smiling and proud, he turned around and looked at his wife and daughter, now five years old, standing at the entrance holding hands. His wife’s other hand resting on her belly, softly stroking the baby they were expecting.

They came down the stairs, their daughter holding her mommy’s hand and watching her every step, making sure she was comfortable and there was nothing in the way. For she was watching over her mom and the baby and wasn’t liking the idea of her mom exerting herself and walking about at all.

He looked at his family and surveyed the surroundings. It was a perfect evening by all means, because he had his whole world right there with him. As he began walking towards their home, his son had been cycling back and was reaching the stairs. He got off and gently kissed his mom’s tummy and hugged her. Feeling proud and immensely happy, she showered their son with affection and kisses.

As he reached the stairs, the kids were already running inside and his wife held out her hand, smiling at him with love and admiration. She arched her neck up, he bent over, kissed her and said to her, “Happy sixth anniversary, my love”. She beamed with happiness and said, “Happy sixth anniversary, my darling husband”. He held her hand and gave her a warm kiss on her forehead, conveying his love for his wife.

They turned towards the pond and walked along it, wading through the soft grass, holding hands, talking, giggling and so much in love. The air smelled sweet because of the moist earth and the scent of tulips and lilies surrounded them.

They watched the sun set as its last rays reached them. He turned, looked at his wife. Her beautiful face radiant in the orange light, hair flowing along her shoulders and eyes gleaming, as she watched the sun set. God Almighty, moments like these were the most beautiful and he felt so blessed to have this wonderful woman in his life. He let out a breath and whispered, “Oh honey, you’re so beautiful!”. She giggled, looked at him and said, “Just your wife, honey” and rested her head against his chest, hugging him.

They stood there holding each other for the longest time. Love flowing between them and their hearts beating in sync.

As the sun set into the horizon, they turned to their hut and walked to it, hand in hand. Cherishing each moment and recalling the beautiful six years of their lives.

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It was dark and cold. The earth was moist and the air heavy with fog. I walked through the trees, not knowing where I was going. In that darkness, I heard your voice. I followed the Stars and they guided me to you.

As I came closer, I began feeling your presence. Your warmth irradiating, seemed to bring the forest to life. Imbuing with a new sense of vitality.

Finally, I reached you and then there was always light. In that moment, I knew that it was you, I had been looking for. For your consciousness felt so familiar. Your smile and your voice, your strength and your love began nourishing and putting me back together.

I found you, and then there was always light. My lightbringer. My Aurora 💙

Always and forever

Always and forever, he promised to her.

Always and forever to hold her hand, keep her close.

When she is lost in the forest, to guide her home.

Always and forever to keep her heart warm and firm in his palms.

To cradle and nourish it till it’s warm and everglowing like amber. Always and forever, he’d stay with her.

People say that humans are often flippant beings. Often promises are made in haste and excitement. 

He says, his heart was woven for her. It beats and sings for her. For his heart has found it’s counterpart and the promises made shall always hold. Always and forever shall they be together.

Always and forever, shall they be together, walking and dancing, singing and laughing. Sharing their sorrows and their pains, laughing out loud, always together.

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Candle in the room

He sits in the room, shrouded in darkness. He sits cross legged in the centre. The room lays barren, with no wall hangings or furniture in sight. Blinds pulled down and the doors shut.

 He sits facing a candle in the room, his eyes catching the gleaming aura it emits. 

He watches the candle burning bright but his mind flies away alight. Taking him away to a world faraway, free of the pain and sadness he’s experienced. 

He shuts himself from the world around him, for he fears he can’t take no more.

Afraid to feel, hesitant to think of the world around, he watches the candle burning bright and flies Faraway. 

Whence he feels the world smiling and happy, the sun feels warmer and welcoming. People around him embrace him for who he is. 

He watches the candle burning bright and flies faraway.

I recently came across a series of articles written by Varnika Jain at about Mental health awareness and how society considers it a taboo. 

It’s unfortunate that people suffering from such ailments aren’t given proper help or don’t even have anyone close to them to talk about what ails them. 

What I’ve written above, hits close to home as I’ve experienced sadness for a period in my life. But there came a person, who pulled me out of it and I was reminded how it felt to be alive. To be real. 

I implore upon my readers to look around and offer a shoulder to anyone dear and close who needs it. For some really good posts on Mental illnesses and awareness, do visit the above mentioned blog page.

If you see someone down, talk to them. Let them share. Let’s make the world a happy place one smile at a time.

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Of hearts and stars

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you’ve known them all your life?

Have you felt their touch so warm that it calms all your storms

Have you ever seen them smile and felt your world lighten up

Or when they laugh, Thor Almighty there couldn’t have been a sight that would enthrall you more

Felt their heart and felt like wrapping your own over theirs, for it is precious and must be kept safe

Have you ever held their hand and walked under the stars, and thought how lucky you are to have that person in your life

And when you hug, your hearts beat in synch, ramming against the ribcage, wanting to fuse into one.

For that person is your soulmate and was destined to find you, hold you, carry you.

Be thankful to have that person in your life, for there’s nothing more beautiful in this life.