Of hearts and stars

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you’ve known them all your life?

Have you felt their touch so warm that it calms all your storms

Have you ever seen them smile and felt your world lighten up

Or when they laugh, Thor Almighty there couldn’t have been a sight that would enthrall you more

Felt their heart and felt like wrapping your own over theirs, for it is precious and must be kept safe

Have you ever held their hand and walked under the stars, and thought how lucky you are to have that person in your life

And when you hug, your hearts beat in synch, ramming against the ribcage, wanting to fuse into one.

For that person is your soulmate and was destined to find you, hold you, carry you.

Be thankful to have that person in your life, for there’s nothing more beautiful in this life.


Way of living

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. 

Days in New York

I have been in this great city for a year and a half now. Yet, it never ceases to bedazzle me whenever I step out in it’s never ending streets. One sees people from all the cultures there are in this world mingling with each other like endless veins. This city is also a bon vivant’s paradise. it has a thousand different restaurants, pubs, clubs and even the food trucks where people from any corner of the world can feast and yet yearn for more.

These are a few pictures from my travels.

A man enjoys serenity in the Central park.


Residents of SoHo take a stroll one fine morning.



People enjoy a cool cloudy afternoon in September.


Art-work on display in the downtown


Next to NYU, the 4th Street offers a wide variety of restaurants, bakeries and dessert outlets.


Somewhere on Thorne street.


Manhattan downtown always feels good to visit.


Loved the shades of this building. What heartens me the most is the fact that New York is just what they always show on TV.


New Yorkers never stop


Couldn’t have been happier than to see the advert of my favourite TV show in my favourite city


Hustle and bustle on a busy weekday. Also couldn’t leave out the yellow taxis.


That’s what the 34th street looks like y’all!


Can’t leave out the iconic Times Square of course.


Little Italy all lit up days before Christmas


Somewhere near 33rd street under the rain


On the Black Friday sale evening, it was like the whole country had come to Manhattan to shop throughout the day


The Majestic building of High Court and few other judiciary offices


In the night, World trade centre from across the Hudson river in Brooklyn. Also visible is the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This is the most captivating scene I’ve witnessed in this beautiful city.


And that’s a quirky friend of mine hopping around the streets of Brooklyn in jolly!


These are but a few pictures I took of this grand city. Forgive me for the quality for they were taken on my cell phone. Thank you for visiting and looking at them. I’ll post more soon.

Being a Nyctophiliac


(n.) love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness

I’m a Nyctophiliac. Yeah…well there it goes. A big proclamation to all my friends and family members who have ever wondered why I don’t switch on Big Bright light bulbs consuming a gazillion watts of energy to illuminate our little lives as the sun goes down the horizon. Although I haven’t reverted back to being a Neanderthal living in pitch black darkness, I do switch on my petite study lamp which provides enough illumination so that I can see all four corners of my room.

I have always loved watching the sunsets and sitting on the terrace with a coffee mug in my hand and staring at those far away constellations and stars flickering away in the darkness as if whispering to each other silently gleefully. My love for the night sky could be attributed to my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and hopping over to the moon and saying hi to my mom from there and then flying beyond to those mysterious stars seemingly whispering to each other. I often used to pretend to send a mental message towards the night sky thinking that some “star people” would ping me back!


Nyctophiliacs are often taken to be shy, diffident, ungregarious people, not liking the company of others. But the fact is that nyctophilia is not being shy, but simply having a disposition of loving the night time and the starry view that it offers. Also, nyctophilia is not a disease or a state of depression as some people tend to think. Of late, I have been asked by my friends if I was worried or depressed about something in my life since I like the night time and sitting under the stars so often. And each time I produce the same answer that I find it serene and relaxing! Sitting there under the stars and the pleasant breeze ruffling my hair, erases all the worries and fatigue and regrets that I had all gathered during the day!

Pursuit of Happiness

When someone studies for the class 12th board papers, he thinks “this is the last time I have to study”. He thinks after the exams are over, he wouldn’t have to struggle that hard ever again in his life. But the reality is that the person faces even greater difficulties when he passes through the college years- learning to live on his own in an unknown city, looking for places to eat, looking for all those basic amenities which would enable him to carry on. As the time moves on, he makes new friends, encounters new experiences which bring about a fundamental change in his personality and the way he looks at the environment around him. After the college, when he begins to work, he might just feel overwhelmed by the insurmountable hurdles that come his way.

One must never assume that a better life can be achieved without having to face sheer and insurmountable difficulties in life and that a ” sadhu” might just show a shortcut to happiness. Because, happiness that is earned through sweat and tenacity is worth relishing and sharing among the masses, instead of the short term achievements that are taken for granted.



A person no matter where he stands or where he stood can change the direction of where he is going disparately if he is tenacious enough to not to yield and if he knows where he wants to go. No matter how large the hurdle seems, there’s always a way to push through and emerge as a winner on the other side.