In the depths of her mind

“I’m here now and everything will be alright.” -Here now, and forever The castle was once again standing radiant and strong. He had held the queen's heart and infused it with his love. The trees were rustling against the wind, spreading the news far and wide. The animals had come back to the garden, hopping … Continue reading In the depths of her mind


Coming Home

In parallel with The Celebration written by Varnika Jain. It had been five months. He kept thinking of the first time they met. With a smile on his face and love in his eyes, he thought of the five months with her. Cherishing each moment with her. It seemed as though life before her didn't exist. He didn't remember the world before she came to him. She was everything he'd ever need.

Eternally, yours

I found you one winter night, when the moon shone blue and stars flickered bright. I heard your words and stood tranquil. For your words soothed me, taking away my pains. A few moons passed and you took my hand, gave my your love and wrapped me in your heart. I took your hand and … Continue reading Eternally, yours

Ignite your mind!

This fine evening, I prepared myself some dinner and sat down watching Interstellar on TV. Watching the movie and the sequences that followed depicting time relativity, wormholes, quantum data of a black hole, got me thinking how limited our knowledge of deep space is. Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the … Continue reading Ignite your mind!

Summer of ’17 – #1

Been almost a month since I graduated with a Masters Degree from NJIT. For the past two weeks, I had been touring the different cities of US of A with my parents who had flown in from India. Having been holed up in New Jersey, and Newark of all cities, my folks visiting and us … Continue reading Summer of ’17 – #1

A boy in the shadows

He sat in the common hall of his play-school. Looking around, watching the rising columns and other kids running around. Laughing, eating their lunch. He sat in the middle of all the chaos not affected by the development around. Over the years, he made friends. Not many by any amount. For he didn't interact much, … Continue reading A boy in the shadows


This Tuesday, on the morning of May 16, I graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Masters of Science degree. My two years at NJIT have taught me a lot. Not only about technology and science, but also about how to be an adult in this wide world. My achievement, I dedicate it to … Continue reading Graduation

Days in New York

I have been in this great city for a year and a half now. Yet, it never ceases to bedazzle me whenever I step out in it's never ending streets. One sees people from all the cultures there are in this world mingling with each other like endless veins. This city is also a bon … Continue reading Days in New York

Being a Nyctophiliac

Nyctophilia (n.) love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness I’m a Nyctophiliac. Yeah…well there it goes. A big proclamation to all my friends and family members who have ever wondered why I don’t switch on Big Bright light bulbs consuming a gazillion watts of energy to illuminate our little lives as the … Continue reading Being a Nyctophiliac

Pursuit of Happiness

When someone studies for the class 12th board papers, he thinks “this is the last time I have to study”. He thinks after the exams are over, he wouldn’t have to struggle that hard ever again in his life. But the reality is that the person faces even greater difficulties when he passes through the … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness