In the depths of her mind

“I’m here now and everything will be alright.”

Here now, and forever

The castle was once again standing radiant and strong. He had held the queen’s heart and infused it with his love.

The trees were rustling against the wind, spreading the news far and wide. The animals had come back to the garden, hopping and trotting under the warm sun. It was as if, the queen’s return had brought the world itself back to life. It wasn’t dark and cold anymore.

They walked together in the castle’s courtyard, Queen Vika and Jay. Hands held together and pulled close to each other. They talked about their journeys, their adventures, their story of life.

It was evening now,and the sun had set beyond the horizon. Leaving the sky with orange and purple hues. The breeze was pleasant and smelled of wet earth. Birds chirping and returning to their nests.

They reached the courtyard which opened up to the lush green garden. It had a pond at the center, where ducks swam. Beyond the garden was the forest. It was dense and populated with tall pine trees.

They sat on the settee. She sat cross legged facing him and he was on his knees, facing her. She looked in his eyes , put her hands around his neck and kissed him. He pulled her closer, kissing her back. Both deliriously happy and madly in love with the other. For them it was everything they had ever needed. They had become each other’s world.

As they talked, he noticed a tremor in her hands and her eyes unfocused. He knew immediately it was the demons from the past who were haunting her deep in her mind. He inched closer, put his arms around her and buried her in his warmth. Softly calling out to her. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and entered her consciousness. Determined to beat her demons and guide her out of her nightmares.

He entered the depth of her mind. Followed the corridors which led deeper inside. All along, he kept hearing the howls and footsteps of demons that haunted her. He came across a hallway and stopped at the entrance. It was dark inside and he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Scanning the hall, he found her.

She was crouched in the center of the hall. Bent over and lips trembling. Her eyes fixed at something in the dark and her breathing was fast

He rushed to her and held her face in his arms. In here he could see that the wounds hadn’t completely healed, and the demons were still hurting her from inside. He whispered to her, rubbed his hands along her arms. She finally focused on him and smiled in relief. Tears streaming down her face.

Suddenly, the howling that had been coming from the corridors stopped. He slowly turned around, holding her hand. Aware that the demons were here in front of them. Knowing how they had hurt his precious love, a lever flipped and let loose a dark and terrifying force inside. He saw blue.

He recited a spell that concentrated all the force towards the demons and fired away the bright burning aura, blowing the demons away into the void and destroying the place.

He felt a soft touch on his shoulder, immediately quelling his anger and calming him down. He turned to his side and saw Vika standing besides him. She said, “Just don’t hurt yourself.” Pulled Jay down and hugged him. He lifted her up in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder. Walked towards the light, leaving the nightmares behind.

As they stepped through the light, they were back on the settee. Jay breathing hard, still feeling the force swelling inside him. Vika smiled and hugged him tight, calming his storms. She said, “You needn’t get so angry. They are gone now. It’s just you and me, and I’m always safe from anything in your arms.”

Hearing her, Jay smiled. Kissed  her and held her in his arms. Together they watched the garden and the stars, the sky and the pond. They had fought off the world and their love had prevailed. They knew they belonged together and there was no force in the world that was going to tear them apart.

Always and Forever


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Coming Home

In parallel with The Celebration written by Varnika Jain.

It had been five months. He kept thinking of the first time they met. With a smile on his face and love in his eyes, he thought of the five months with her. Cherishing each moment with her. It seemed as though life before her didn’t exist. He didn’t remember the world before she came to him. She was everything he’d ever need.

In parallel with The Celebration written by Varnika Jain.

It had been five months. He kept thinking of the first time they met. With a smile on his face and love in his eyes, he thought of the five months with her. Cherishing each moment with her. It seemed as though life before her didn’t exist. He didn’t remember the world before she came to him. She was everything he’d ever need.

His mind raced through a thousand possible ways to celebrate this evening with her. But this woman, what could he get her that was worth more than the entire world. All of a sudden, he realized what he’d do. With a smile beaming on his face and heart racing wild, he turned off his desktop, grabbed his coat and left for home.

All along the way, he kept thinking of every moment spent with her. Emotions swelled within him, filling him up and surrounding him in love. His heart beat wild, ramming hard against his ribcage. Raring like a leopard to sprint to her as fast as it could flutter. He put a palm on his beating heart and whispered, “Almost there bud. We’ll be home soon.”

He took a turn and saw their home down the street. As he pulled into the driveway, he could feel her presence. Her warmth touched him through the walls. He could sense her heart as his own began beating in synch with hers.

As he walked to the door, he looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. He smiled as he inserted the key in the knob and swung open the door.

Breathing in anticipation of seeing her, he walked to their room with a spring in his feet. As he reached the room, he saw her. His beautiful love, sitting in the centre of the bed. He saw her sitting in his old tee, hair made in a bun. Pizza crumbs on the bedspread and cheese. But he saw none of that. Because he was transfixed on her beauty. He thought, “Thor Almighty! Her beauty increases with each passing day.”.

He saw her pout and tears welling up. Telling she couldn’t find the perfect way to celebrate. His heart erupted in a volcano of emotions. He felt so much love and warmth for her.

He walked to the bed, smiled. Held her in his arms, told her he’d cherish nothing more than coming home to her after a hard day’s work. Kissed her and wished her, “Happy five months, darling!”, as the clock struck midnight.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her head. Buried her in his chest and held her there. Looking in her eyes, he said, “We don’t need a perfect way to celebrate, hon. Any moment with you, my love, is a celebration in itself. When we talk, laugh, cook, bake, drink, sit under the stars. They’re all made perfect with you being here.”

Kissing her forehead, he continued, “When I tuck you in for the night, kiss your sleepy eyes. Get you tea. Every moment”.

She interrupted, “I do sleep a lot.”

He said, “And when you sleep, I hold you close. Keeping you warm and safe. When your sleep is disturbed, I kiss your forehead and cradle  you back to sleep. When you’re sleepless, I hum our song to you, so you can sleep.”.

Seeing her tears, he kisses her eyes and says, “You are my celebration.” And hugs her tight.


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Eternally, yours

I found you one winter night, when the moon shone blue and stars flickered bright. I heard your words and stood tranquil. For your words soothed me, taking away my pains. A few moons passed and you took my hand, gave my your love and wrapped me in your heart. I took your hand and vowed to hold it till the end of the day and keep you warm and safe.

That night was months ago, yet it feels like yesterday. Our love burns bright, our core in the other’s hand. Oh am I thankful that I found you. And got to hold that beautiful heart of yours.

You’ll always and forever know, that you’re the one I desire the most. You’ll always and forever know, that when I see your smile, it lights up my world. And when I look in your eyes, I see my whole world. Every night when I go to sleep, you are the one I see in my dreams. Each morning when I open my eyes, you are the one I see, radiant as an angel that came for me. Even though we’re far apart, you still reside in my heart.

Always and forever do I belong to you. You’ll be amazed, for I’ll love you in so many ways. Everyday unconditional love will I show you, for it’s eternally made for you. Always will I hold your hand, through darkness and in light. Through ups and downs, in sickness and in health. Forever by your side.

I love you honey 🙂

Ignite your mind!

This fine evening, I prepared myself some dinner and sat down watching Interstellar on TV. Watching the movie and the sequences that followed depicting time relativity, wormholes, quantum data of a black hole, got me thinking how limited our knowledge of deep space is.

Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the outer space. After dinner, I would sit outside under the night sky with mama and she’d trace numerous constellations out there. She’d tell me to observe the moon and see that it never changes its face. We watched various space missions that NASA would undertake on TV, and it was during one of those missions that I declared that I’d grow up to be an astronaut. Now more than a decade later, I didn’t. But, I’ve always kept thinking about what really lies out there. I look up at the stars and see them twinkling. The light that’s been travelling for millions of years, falling into my eyes at that moment makes me think, if this is what it looked like millions of years ago, what does it look like now?

There’s been so many theories doing the rounds about the big bang, implosion, expansion of the universe. We say that the universe is  continuously expanding because we observed that galaxies and stars are moving farther apart at a rate of millions of light years per second. But I wonder, how? What’s causing this expansion? What lies at the periphery. Is universe a sphere? Or is it a giant snowglobe?

Also to be noted is the fact that time dilation does occur in the presence of strong gravitational fields. But, the planet or the astronauts would have to be present inside the event horizon of the black hole, or Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. This would be impossible because the strong tidal energy of black hole would rip apart the entire planet and any human would be spaghetti-fied.

These depictions makes one think that the theories of wormholes, quantum dimensions, do look good on the paper, but they haven’t been observed yet.

Recently there were reports from the astronomical societies that a dip of 15% was observed of a faraway star. A reduction of this scale doesn’t happen even when planets and asteroids come in front of a star. Reduction of this scale would be possible if indeed the star was obstructed by an artificial superstructure or there’s another space body that large which we haven’t discovered yet.

The point of my rambling is that there’s so much out there yet to be explored and discovered. So many questions jumping in our minds unanswered. 

So I say this to you, ignite your mind! Steal it. Be curious, explore, discover, think on it and question.

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Summer of ’17 – #1

Been almost a month since I graduated with a Masters Degree from NJIT. For the past two weeks, I had been touring the different cities of US of A with my parents who had flown in from India. Having been holed up in New Jersey, and Newark of all cities, my folks visiting and us travelling together was sweeter than God’s Nectar.

First two days were spent exploring the various streets and avenues of the majestic city of New York. Starting from the downtown, we went around Lady Liberty standing tall, paid our homage at the WTC memorial sites and were held in awe by the new One World building.


Moving up, walked through the wall street and the financial district, and even saw a bagpiper band performing!

And the fact that I’ve been here for two years and know which subway train number goes where helped save loads of time and of course money since one would’ve had to get tickets for bus rides around the city. The best part of it all was that my parents were really taken by the city. They were breathing in the New York air, something I’d say every person dreams of once in his life. We walked around all day, visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, walking down Lexington and Park Avenues; where one can see New Yorkers going in and out of the office buildings all day long, carrying their bags and files.

The next day we started late and ended up strolling around in Central Park. Visited the famous Bathesda terrace and fountain, had sandwiches by the lake, walked around more. It was in the evening when we finally took a train to go see the Empire State building and go up to see the skyline. From the 86th floor of this building, one can truly behold and admire the beauty, the vastness and grandeur of the City of New York. Stayed up there for an hour and a half. Watched as the sun drifted down into its slumber, lifting the veil for the stars to come out and the city to glimmer with its thousand lights all around.


A boy in the shadows

He sat in the common hall of his play-school. Looking around, watching the rising columns and other kids running around. Laughing, eating their lunch. He sat in the middle of all the chaos not affected by the development around.

Over the years, he made friends. Not many by any amount. For he didn’t interact much, other kids would think he’s weird and quirky. But it didn’t matter to him. For he was happy with what few kids shared their quirkiness with him. They would dream, talk, introspect and dream even more.

As the time passed and their minds matured, they began drifting. Dreams were shared no more. No more endless possibilities thought about. But it didn’t matter, because he knew he was still in their hearts.

Time came and went. Years rolled by and they were nearing the end of the life in school. Many of his old friends had changed schools or had moved out of town. Just a few remained.

All through the years, he had remained taciturn and quirky. Not interacting much, happy to watch the world change from his seat. Little did he know that kids around him would take it to be actions of a freak and begin making up stories about him. Soon, he was ridiculed, made to look like a fool, made fun of. He looked up to his old friends, but it didn’t matter to them a bit.

It dawned upon him that the world wasn’t as it appeared from where he sat. Not withstanding the idiocies floating around anymore, he closed himself off. No feelings flowing in and out.

He went to college. Starting from how it all began. Looked around at the world. Taking it all in. Observing people, getting to know some. As the time flew, he forged a few friendships. Created a bond of brotherhood with them. But still, he didn’t open up to them. Not letting his deepest thoughts  flow to them.

They’d laugh, have fun, hop around the town. He would laugh with them, dally around. His friends would stay but not fully trusting. They came to believe that he couldn’t be taken seriously and he would take every decision on a whim. But it didn’t matter to him, for he was comfortable being the boy in the shadows.

Time went by and they graduated, said heir goodbyes. He moved to a new country, surrounded by unknown people, in a different culture. He was surrounded by a million souls and yet he walked alone. He saw the wonders of the new city. Buildings rising high, lights shining bright in the night. The city took him in, embraced him. He walked alone and somehow he felt like he was home.

But after a little while, his heart began yearning for someone who would understand. Someone who would take him in and let him take care of them in return. Someone with whom he could share what he was, who he was, what he was becoming and who he would become in the future. Someone who would hold his fragile heart forever.

These overflowing emotions flummoxed him. Creating a hole, deep and hollow. He found solace in talking with trees and leaves, they’d talk and whisper and ride the winds together. He found company in the distant stars and they’d tell him their stories from time immemorial. Shining and flickering a million light years away, each photon carrying a piece of their stories into his eyes. He’d look at the moon and ask if this was it. Was this all his ephemeral life would amount to. Walking in the dark, not knowing where he was or where he was headed. Not knowing who was watching over and whose name to call out.

One evening walking under the stars, he said to them he couldn’t take it anymore. He began questioning why he was walking the earth, what was his purpose here. He’d sit in his room and lose himself into his mind. His restless mind making new worlds within itself. Vast and oft times terrifying.

He never knew that someone was watching over him among the stars, for they listened and sent an angel across his path. He came across her in the most unexpected ways. her light shining over him warm and bright. Nourishing and rejuvenating him. As he got to  know her, he realised it was her who he’d been looking for. His purpose in life, his home. Even though they hadn’t met before, they still felt so very familiar to each other. Two souls, counterparts of each other having found each other.

He finally found his partner in life, they both found their home. Fiercely in love with each other, vowing to hold the other Always and Forever.

He wouldn’t be in shadows anymore for the light shines bright upon his heart. He wouldn’t walk alone for he’s got his angel by his side. As he will always be there with her. Holding her hand and fighting our demons together. Always and Forever.

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This Tuesday, on the morning of May 16, I graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Masters of Science degree. My two years at NJIT have taught me a lot. Not only about technology and science, but also about how to be an adult in this wide world.

My achievement, I dedicate it to my parents who’ve always been behind me, caring for me and my baby sister who cheers me up whenever I’m down. But, one person, without whom it would’ve been a tortuous task and who brought me out of my depression, the love of my life. For the last semester, she gave me hope and a whole lot of happiness. She gave me a reason to dream of the future and to reach higher. My Vika, it has been so much easier with you here.

Meeting students from all the continents out there, getting to know their cultures, opinions, views has enlightened me. It’s given me a perspective, to not only think as a person from one country, but a person belonging to this world as a whole. Its made me aware of various sensitivities of different cultures. It has taught me to think of human race as a whole, rather than belonging to a region. With this degree and whatever education I’ve gained, I aspire to work for this world. To innovate and to drive humanity towards a better future.

Godspeed to the Class of 2017!