Coming Home

In parallel with The Celebration written by Varnika Jain.

It had been five months. He kept thinking of the first time they met. With a smile on his face and love in his eyes, he thought of the five months with her. Cherishing each moment with her. It seemed as though life before her didn’t exist. He didn’t remember the world before she came to him. She was everything he’d ever need.

His mind raced through a thousand possible ways to celebrate this evening with her. But this woman, what could he get her that was worth more than the entire world. All of a sudden, he realized what he’d do. With a smile beaming on his face and heart racing wild, he turned off his desktop, grabbed his coat and left for home.

All along the way, he kept thinking of every moment spent with her. Emotions swelled within him, filling him up and surrounding him in love. His heart beat wild, ramming hard against his ribcage. Raring like a leopard to sprint to her as fast as it could flutter. He put a palm on his beating heart and whispered, “Almost there bud. We’ll be home soon.”

He took a turn and saw their home down the street. As he pulled into the driveway, he could feel her presence. Her warmth touched him through the walls. He could sense her heart as his own began beating in synch with hers.

As he walked to the door, he looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. He smiled as he inserted the key in the knob and swung open the door.

Breathing in anticipation of seeing her, he walked to their room with a spring in his feet. As he reached the room, he saw her. His beautiful love, sitting in the centre of the bed. He saw her sitting in his old tee, hair made in a bun. Pizza crumbs on the bedspread and cheese. But he saw none of that. Because he was transfixed on her beauty. He thought, “Thor Almighty! Her beauty increases with each passing day.”.

He saw her pout and tears welling up. Telling she couldn’t find the perfect way to celebrate. His heart erupted in a volcano of emotions. He felt so much love and warmth for her.

He walked to the bed, smiled. Held her in his arms, told her he’d cherish nothing more than coming home to her after a hard day’s work. Kissed her and wished her, “Happy five months, darling!”, as the clock struck midnight.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her head. Buried her in his chest and held her there. Looking in her eyes, he said, “We don’t need a perfect way to celebrate, hon. Any moment with you, my love, is a celebration in itself. When we talk, laugh, cook, bake, drink, sit under the stars. They’re all made perfect with you being here.”

Kissing her forehead, he continued, “When I tuck you in for the night, kiss your sleepy eyes. Get you tea. Every moment”.

She interrupted, “I do sleep a lot.”

He said, “And when you sleep, I hold you close. Keeping you warm and safe. When your sleep is disturbed, I kiss your forehead and cradle  you back to sleep. When you’re sleepless, I hum our song to you, so you can sleep.”.

Seeing her tears, he kisses her eyes and says, “You are my celebration.” And hugs her tight.


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