Eternally, yours

I found you one winter night, when the moon shone blue and stars flickered bright. I heard your words and stood tranquil. For your words soothed me, taking away my pains. A few moons passed and you took my hand, gave my your love and wrapped me in your heart. I took your hand and vowed to hold it till the end of the day and keep you warm and safe.

That night was months ago, yet it feels like yesterday. Our love burns bright, our core in the other’s hand. Oh am I thankful that I found you. And got to hold that beautiful heart of yours.

You’ll always and forever know, that you’re the one I desire the most. You’ll always and forever know, that when I see your smile, it lights up my world. And when I look in your eyes, I see my whole world. Every night when I go to sleep, you are the one I see in my dreams. Each morning when I open my eyes, you are the one I see, radiant as an angel that came for me. Even though we’re far apart, you still reside in my heart.

Always and forever do I belong to you. You’ll be amazed, for I’ll love you in so many ways. Everyday unconditional love will I show you, for it’s eternally made for you. Always will I hold your hand, through darkness and in light. Through ups and downs, in sickness and in health. Forever by your side.

I love you honey 🙂


Author: Dhananjay M. Bhati

Love reading, cycling and binge watching.

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