Of hearts and stars

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you’ve known them all your life?

Have you felt their touch so warm that it calms all your storms

Have you ever seen them smile and felt your world lighten up

Or when they laugh, Thor Almighty there couldn’t have been a sight that would enthrall you more

Felt their heart and felt like wrapping your own over theirs, for it is precious and must be kept safe

Have you ever held their hand and walked under the stars, and thought how lucky you are to have that person in your life

And when you hug, your hearts beat in synch, ramming against the ribcage, wanting to fuse into one.

For that person is your soulmate and was destined to find you, hold you, carry you.

Be thankful to have that person in your life, for there’s nothing more beautiful in this life.


Author: Dhananjay M. Bhati

Love reading, cycling and binge watching.

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