My Wolf 

I was trotting through the wild, fog and mist surrounding the fern. Black clouds hovering above, casting shadow across the boscage. I was walking around, taking in the forest, smelling the mud, hearing the insects, seeing every minute detail in front of me.

I reached a clearing and saw another wolf, curled up next to a tree. She raised her head, brought her soulful eyes to rest on me. Thor Almighty, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I walked upto her, looking deep in her eyes.

I touched my head to hers, my coat rubbing along hers. I licked her coat, grooming her. Nibbled at her fur, cleaning it up.

Slowly, she got up on her feet. Stood right in front of me. In an instant we realised, we were meant to be. We howled. We howled in chorus. In recognition of the counterpart of our soul. Inched closer and touched our heads. Pledging to walk together always and forever.

We jumped around the clearing in jolly. Galloping and rolling in the soil. Curling besides each other, feeling the soft grass beneath. We played, woofed in happiness. So much aware in each other’s presence and never having felt this alive before.

Out of nowhere, we hear a distant rumble and the scent of trouble spreading through the boscage. We bark in unison, look in the direction of approaching trouble. She looks at me, I see her troubled. I look at her with sincerity and warmth, reassuring her it’ll be alright. We turn around and start running across the forest. Galloping across the dense forest. Striding through the hills, one hill after the other.

We feel the rumble getting closer behind us. Reverberating through the still forest air. Shaking the trees and the earth.

We run still. Run together. Manes touching, paws thudding against the moist earth. Breathing hard, tails flowing in the air, heads ahead forward, we gallop.

We run and yet feel the rumbling getting closer. The fur on our mane tingling as we feel the rumbling getting closer.

Suddenly, we see a light up ahead. Burning bright through the trees. We look in each other’s eyes, see the need to protect the other and love for each other. We see a flicker of hope. It gives us a sudden surge of energy. Forgetting how long we’ve run, how tired we are, we gallop towards the light with a newfound freshness. We howl and bark with a newfound hope.

We run and run, feeling the rumbling almost behind us. We gallop and run, getting closer to the bright light. We feel the wind rush through our ears, blood rushing in our veins, anticipation building up. We​ take a final leap towards the light and leave the forest behind.

The bright light leaves us blinded for a moment. As we gather our senses back, standing​ close to each other in our new surroundings, we are perplexed by the sight of a beautiful garden in front of us. Grass soft and green, pleasant breeze brushing our coat. Insects and birds flying around, chirping and hopping. Warm sunlight on our faces, dark clouds no more. 

We turn around from whence we came and see the doorway to the other world closing down. Drowning the growing rumbling and darkness with it.

We turn around, look at each other with happiness, relief and love. We woof and howl, galloping and rolling in our new world. The tiredness and darkness of the forest left behind forever. 

We play and woof in joy, for we’re forever to stay. To live in our new world forevermore. 



Author: Dhananjay M. Bhati

Love reading, cycling and binge watching.

10 thoughts on “My Wolf ”

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    Have you ever felt like a wounded animal? Scared, cowering in fear? Have you ever felt like wanting to retreat inside a shell and hibernate till things tide over? Or have you ever sought shelter to sit down and lick your wounds?
    Dhananjay Bhati from has created a brilliant personification that makes you relate to all your feelings that can only be termed as raw and pure. He subtly takes you on a ride that’s full of life’s uncertainty and surprises making for a gripping read. I’m sharing his story titled “The Wolf” hereinbelow. If you like what you read, go on over and give him a visit at the link I’ve provided. You shall not be disappointed.

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