Pursuit of Happiness

When someone studies for the class 12th board papers, he thinks “this is the last time I have to study”. He thinks after the exams are over, he wouldn’t have to struggle that hard ever again in his life. But the reality is that the person faces even greater difficulties when he passes through the college years- learning to live on his own in an unknown city, looking for places to eat, looking for all those basic amenities which would enable him to carry on. As the time moves on, he makes new friends, encounters new experiences which bring about a fundamental change in his personality and the way he looks at the environment around him. After the college, when he begins to work, he might just feel overwhelmed by the insurmountable hurdles that come his way.

One must never assume that a better life can be achieved without having to face sheer and insurmountable difficulties in life and that a ” sadhu” might just show a shortcut to happiness. Because, happiness that is earned through sweat and tenacity is worth relishing and sharing among the masses, instead of the short term achievements that are taken for granted.



A person no matter where he stands or where he stood can change the direction of where he is going disparately if he is tenacious enough to not to yield and if he knows where he wants to go. No matter how large the hurdle seems, there’s always a way to push through and emerge as a winner on the other side.




Author: Dhananjay M. Bhati

Love reading, cycling and binge watching.

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